Our Mission

Snappy seeks to maximise the personal development - and provide good quality play and recreation opportunities for Children and Young people with disability - in York and the surrounding areas .

Snappy was established in June of 1985 . It was born of a need for some social interaction for Children with disability. The Children, who attended four special schools in York, had a tough time during the school holidays. The Children had very little contact with friends and parents had a very intense period of care.

Four of the parents got together with one of the heads’ of school and they brought some of the Children in for a few days during the summer holidays to enjoy some play activities.

Snappy was born.

Moving along almost thirty years, we now work with almost three hundred Children, Young People and Young Adults

Snappy is managed by a Voluntary management committee. We have 8 trustees on this committee and they meet once every six weeks to discuss Snappy’s projects and schemes. The committee is governed by a Trust deed.

The day to day management is passed to the Service manager. This role includes development and fundraising. The support staff is one part time admin, everyone else is sessional, working on schemes and projects.

We depend heavily on our volunteer community and have over 120 core volunteers which we can call on at any time.

As a young student, going into this field or similar, Snappy is an excellent placement and learning environment for young people. For the more mature volunteer Snappy can offer a training programme which can very often lead to career change or choice.