Meet Our Team

Our fantastic team work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that Snappy is able to deliver a high standard of care to its children and young people. We’re very proud of them and all that they do. Thank you!
Anne Stamp         Fiona Sefton         Rob Olley          MTT_personImage
Anne Stamp                      Fiona Sefton                      Rob Olley                            Helen Huthart
Service Manager               Administrator                      Volunteer Co-ordinator    Senior Worker
Lauren Dowling          MTT_personImage           Will Pugh-Cook         MTT_personImageLauren Dowling                Philip Saynor                   Will Pugh-Cook               Matt Mingay
Senior Worker                    Senior Worker                   Group Leader                   Group Leader
Gwen Berwick
Group Leader
We also rely heavily on the support of our volunteers. They give up their time, energy and resources to help us and we’re always grateful for their dedication. If you would like to join our fantastic team and volunteer your time, we would love to hear from you! Please call us on 01904 640 562 or email for more information, or visit our volunteering page: