Meet the Committee

Snappy is governed by a constitution adopted on 8th May 1985. The Management Committee comprises four officers –  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, plus up to four elected members and two co-opted members. Members are elected at each AGM and serve for one year but are eligible for re-election or re co-option. The Trustees meet at least 5 times a year to administer our charity. Salaried staff are appointed by the Trustees to manage the day to day operations of the charity.

If you are interested in joining our committee, please contact Anne Stamp on 07710282269 or email

Maggie Kelly | Chair Person







John Mills | Vice Chair Person






Kim CrawfordTrustee


Suzi BroomTrustee


Tom StonehamTrustee


Emily CollinsTrustee


Stuart Barnes – Trustee


Fiona Walker – Trustee