Ofsted inspection

Snappy was rated as Good across all areas by Ofsted at an inspection in August 2015.

The inspector said that “children’s development is strongly promoted because staff know the children well. They use information from accurate observations to plan appropriate and challenging activities that are fun and engage the children’s interests.”

Staff, including volunteers, have a strong understanding of how to keep children safe. There are clear procedures in place should staff have any safeguarding concerns about children. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe and healthy.”

Staff hold a wide range of relevant qualifications. The team is therefore skilled in meeting the varied needs of the children who attend.”

Staff are consistently attentive and caring towards children. They give them lots of time, encouragement and praise which supports their emotional well-being. As a result, children are welcomed and feel secure.”

All staff are involved in evaluating the play scheme and views are sought by parents. The information gathered is then used to plan for improvements in practice.”

The report also praised Snappy for “Partnerships with parents and other professionals are strong and help to support children to progress from their developmental starting points.”

You can download the full Ofsted inspection report here.

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